It all started with a candle making kit...

We're Ben and Aaron and we are the founders of Wax. This. Way. We met whilst working within the aviation and travel industry and we now live in Sheffield with our cockerpoo, Douglas. We love our home! Aaron has an eye for interiors (and the spending habit to match!), whilst Ben has always been obsessed with candles and home fragrance.

Since leaving our flying careers in the skies and deciding to keep our feet firmly on the ground, we have mainly worked within hospitality. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit and we we're placed into the first lockdown of April 2020, we had a lot of time on our hands so Ben decided to order a basic candle making kit. Ben followed the step-by-step guide and there we had it - our very first candle! We then started experimenting with different waxes, fragrances and wicks which then led into wax melts. Before we knew it we had candles and wax melts burning in every room and we absolutely loved it. 

Famous for diving into everything head first, it didn't come as a surprise when Ben announced he was leaving his career as a restaurant manager and began to develop a brand. Along came a company name, a logo, Facebook page and an Etsy store. We still remember when that very first Etsy order came in, Ben practically danced around the kitchen island. Orders then started to flood in and the feedback was absolutely incredible. 

Fast forward since then and the business has continued to grow. More recently Aaron has also left his career, enabling us both to give our all to Wax. This. Way.

You can now shop our products via our website or find us at numerous event locations including local markets and artisan fairs. For those of you who know us personally, it won't come as a surprise that the Christmas events are a firm favourite of Ben's!

We invite you to enjoy browsing our website for the perfect product. We sincerely hope you love your purchases and thank you in advance for your custom.

Love always,

Ben, Aaron and Douglas x

Wax. This. Way.