'Fragrance and love: These are two things that cannot be hidden'.

Pear & FreesiaRipe Pears. White Freesia. Patchouli. Rich Woods. 

Honeysuckle & SandalwoodSweet Honeysuckle. Woody Sandalwood. Vanilla Bean. 

Peony & OudOriental Peony. Mimosa. Oud. Amber. Rock Rose.

Black Plum & RhubarbBlack Plum. Fresh Rhubarb. Sweet Peach. Blackberry.

Lemongrass & GingerTangy Lemongrass. Sicilian Lemon. Lime. Spicy Ginger Root. Refreshing Eucalyptus.

Oud & RoseSensual Oud. Red Rose. Jasmine. Sandalwood.

SleepYlang Ylang. Bergamot. Calming Lavender. Nectarine.

Lime, Basil & MandarinLime Twist. Peppery Basil. Jasmine. White Thyme.

Coconut Beach Sands - Coconut, Dragonfruit, Passion Flower & Sandalwood. 

Sparkling Summer - Peony, Almond, Starfruit & Velvet Musk. 

Seychelles - Bergamot, Orange, Vanilla & Amber. 

Island Margarita - Lime, Tangerine, Mango & Jasmine. 



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